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About Our Curriculum

About Our Curriculum


Our aim at Kettlesing Felliscliffe Community Primary School is to ensure that all our children experience joy and success at school. We work hard to constantly improve our standards and methods of learning by providing learning opportunities that are stimulating, relevant and varied. Being small, we can discuss each of our children individually and this puts them at the heart of our planning.

We follow the National Curriculum. This includes the subjects of: art, computing, design and technology, English, foreign languages (KS2), geography, history, mathematics, music, physical education (PE) and science. We also follow the North Yorkshire agreed syllabus for religious education (RE) and, within our school, have a strong focus on personal health and social education (PHSE).

Whilst we teach these subjects around a theme, it is an important to us that our children know which area they are working in and the relative skills they are learning.  Each term, the teachers plan appropriate learning activities from our long term and medium term plans. They ensure that progressive and challenging learning is delivered and that children have the opportunity to work in depth, reflect and consolidate and transfer their learning across subjects. Our long term plans work on a 2 year cycle for KS1 and a 4 year cycle for KS2 as we have mixed age groups in one class.

We seek to enrich the curriculum with broad and direct experiences which develop children’s thinking and reasoning whilst giving the subject meaningful contexts.

Our homework further enhances the curriculum by providing wide-ranging and creative topics which can be addressed at any level and in a variety of ways.

Our curriculum is ever changing; it allows the children to lead their learning and has a strong focus on developing community care whilst inspiring creativity and curiosity.

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