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KS2 traveled to the Yorkshire showground for countryside day. We got to hold baby chicks and see big chickens and turkeys, make felt and even made poo! EWW! In the afternoon one group became archaeologists, learning about fossils and different types of rock; the other group used natural materials to make paint.



Feliz año nuevo



As usual, we have a lot of learning to get through this term.  We will be writing stories, investigating our Solar System and getting creative in art and DT.


For further details of what we will be learning this term, please refer to the Curriculum Newsletter, which is found on the Curriculum page, in the About Us section.


Please continue to practise your KIRFs, as you will become more proficient in your maths learning, once you have mastered your KIRFs.

The following websites are extremely useful for developing your computational thinking. Please click on the relevant image to be taken to that website:




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KS2 travelled back in time to WW2 where they experienced what life would have been like during and after the war. They saw air raid shelters, military tanks and saw machinery from the army. We walked through a make believe blitz attack that had the real air siren. We walked through a town center where there was different shops; a lot of them were rationing shops or make do and mend shops but we recognised the brands such as Bisto and Typoo. There was also a big room with loads of newspapers in so we could see what the headlines were during the war.